Cow's Pus - Massive Missed Sales Opportunity

Why oh why do you insist on making all your pods with cow's milk?????? Which is actually only made for calves, but I'll ignore that for now.

Do you, as a company, realise you missing a massive section of the population, by not making milk alternative pods? You could make so much more money, the machines have proved so popular, but a large percentage of the population are not partaking because they don't drink cow's milk.

I know I am right and I don't think it would take too much work to change the milk powder for soy powder. You may have to tweak it a little to make sure it doesn't curdle, but all that needs is a teeny weeny amoung of bicarbonate of soda.

Well if you follow my advice, you will make lots more money and make an awful lot of people happy, fo its a win win situation really.

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